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At Volvo Group, we believe our engineers and developers are energizing the way we take our transportation solutions into the future. We are transforming the way our products impact the world. Are you ready to steer our path to technologies that make a difference? Our Trucks Technology Team is looking for creative brains, problem solvers, and designers who want to engineer smarter solutions. We can help you reach your career development goals while making meaningful contributions. Let's shape the world we want to live in, together.

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Do you dream big? We do too. That's the mentality we need here. We want a fresh vision that invigorates our way of working. We're operating on the frontier of electromobility for heavy duty vehicles. If you want to develop next-gen technologies and be in the room where change happens, we need you. Jump on our path to a more sustainable tomorrow and help us move the transportation sector forward!

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Teamwork drives progress.

We are passionate, curious risk takers who encourage each other to think a little differently and explore new ways of doing things in a collaborative way. You want freedom to be yourself within a team? You got it. We can promise you some really skilled colleagues and some truly demanding tasks from day one. There is also a whole world of growth opportunities helping to reshape the cities and infrastructure of tomorrow. Together, we can make an electrifying leap to a more sustainable future.

Committed to protecting what's important to you.

Volvo Group has a strong ethical culture that's committed to caring about others and the world in which we live. As a human-centric company, we employ different ideas, backgrounds, experiences, personalities. This diverse workforce helps us make better-quality decisions. We are constantly improving our benefits package and compensation program. We live by our philosophy: “Giving you the freedom to be who you are.”

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"We want to be climate neutral by 2040 -
it's the biggest challenge we've ever faced."

Help us make this possible.

Our ambition continues to grow, and so does our team

We're expanding across various disciplines, including Product Development, Software Development, Data and Analytics, Project Management, Engineering, and Battery Specialists. Find your next role below.

Job Title Location category
1926 Android Architect, Customer Service development Gothenburg, Sweden Vehicle Technology
1877 Android Developer Service Development Gothenburg, Sweden Vehicle Technology
1836 CAE Engineer / Simulation & Analysis Engineer – Strength & Durability Gothenburg, Sweden Vehicle Engineering
1977 Coolant Heater Engineer - Thermal Management Gothenburg, Sweden Vehicle Technology
1700 Design Engineer Doors & Closures Gothenburg, Sweden Vehicle Engineering
1680 E-fan Development Engineer Gothenburg, Sweden Vehicle Technology
1906 Experienced 1D Performance simulation engineer Gothenburg, Sweden Powertrain Engineering
1695 Functional System Architect at Electric Propulsion Gothenburg, Sweden Electromobility
1985 Global Technology Manager - Models and Simulation Gothenburg, Sweden Vehicle Technology
1918 Group Manager Facility Maintenance Gothenburg, Sweden Powertrain Engineering