Data Analyst / Data Engineer

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden


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Data Analyst / Data Engineer

Imagine yourself on the way to work, a regular Wednesday morning. As you pass the city and the fields and look out; you see a Truck, a Construction Machine, and a Bus. All with the Volvo Brand. When looking at the driver in one of the Buses you pass, you realize that you can see how much these persons loves their vehicle, in the way their eyes spark and from their facial expressions. You can also see the satisfaction amongst the passengers – someone is sleeping, someone is looking out the window relaxing, and someone is talking in the phone, without needing to raise their voice, as the bus is electric and so quiet. As you look at these people and see their positive feelings, you feel proud. You feel proud since you are a part of building these customer experiences. You are doing it through creating new and advanced solutions for insights on perceived customer satisfaction in combination with future technologies, based on data and analytics!

Who are we, your new colleagues?
We at Volvo Group are constantly moving and changing to be one step ahead in the technology journey. Within Volvo Group Trucks Technology (GTT), we are adapting and challenging ourselves to be able to develop new breakthrough transport solutions. We strive to add value and the best solutions to our customers while being energy efficient, sustainable, and safer for society. That is why we at the team Data Engineering & Analytics are now looking for you, our new colleague, for the position as Data Analyst / Data Engineer.

In our team, we work on behalf of all of GTT to make the data collected from millions of vehicles easier to access, faster to work with, and of higher quality. We do this by ensuring the right tools and platforms are in place for our colleagues. But we are now also building up a team to analyze and use the data ourselves and create business value for our department Vehicle Technology. We also collaborate with other analytics groups and drive an analytics community – sharing knowledge and enable trainings.

We are passionate about what we do to help others become data-driven and make sense of the data from our vehicles, but we also value great communication skills – without communication we cannot spread knowledge and increase the awareness of what we can do with all this data. Lastly, we strongly believe that a helpful team who is passionate about what they do is the key for an effective and good work environment.

Who are you?
Since we don’t know you yet, we might not have everything right about who we think you are and bring with you. If we would guess, we think you are someone with a passion for Analytics and Data Engineering with previous experiences of working in Agile environments. We also believe you enjoy identifying opportunities from business needs and translating them into attractive data solutions. You have an analytic mindset and like structuring things to increase reuse, simplifying for yourself, the team, and other groups. We believe you will contribute by:

  • Understanding the business needs and suggesting solutions.
  • Implementing and maintaining suggested solutions or industrializing them with Digital & IT
  • Making data more reusable and cleaner with the right level of documentation
  • Participation in innovations, hackathons, or similar to come up with new ideas.

What we do know about you for sure, is that you need to be a team player with an eagerness to try and change through collaboration, cooperation, sharing insights, solutions, and ideas.

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Master’s, or bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as computer science or statistics.
  • About 2-3 years of experience in working with Analytics, preferably in a global environment.
  • Experience of working with relevant technical tools, platforms, and systems such as Azure / AWS cloud platforms, Python, PySpark, SQL, DataBricks, KNIME, Jupiter Notebook, Power BI etc.

Good to have, or “I can learn”:

  • Previous experience with product development within the automotive sector.
  • Previous experience of agile frameworks such as SAFe.
  • Knowledge of SQL servers, Cloud environments or Hadoop clusters.
  • Working with Parquet files, XML schemas, SQL tables and other common data formats.
  • Machine Learning techniques like Clustering, Pattern Recognition, Decision trees, Neural Networks and more

We Value Your Wellbeing 
Volvo Group believes in diversity, equity, and inclusion and offers a safe environment to grow. Use your open mind and can-do attitude to help us steer our transportation solutions toward a more sustainable tomorrow. 
Come, join us as we take our solutions into a new era and make modern life possible. Let's drive progress together. 
For further information, please contact, Group Manager Data Engineering & Analytics Linus Lindroth at



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